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We, at Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital, realize the need to offer support and assistance to those in the community who frequently are most involved with our patients after discharge. For this reason, services geared to the perspectives of family members or friends are available during an individual's hospitalization. However, experience has also shown that many friends or family members find traveling to Huntington extremely difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, we urge these individuals and those who want to broaden their knowledge and understanding to utilize Mildred Mitchell-Bateman  Hospital's web page as a starting point to obtain a better understanding of mental illness, its treatment, and potential impact on those  directly affected. Though the following "links" are limited in number, they should be sufficient to enable you to obtain information on many aspects of mental illness. Your search, therefore, could take you literally to the ends of the earth without ever leaving your local area! We believe your interest in this topic, based on your concern about your loved one's welfare, will be rewarded with greater understanding and acceptance. Visit us again. We're always here. Thank you.

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