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Nursing Services provides nursing care to adult psychiatric patients 24 hours a day/seven days a week.  Direct care staff are composed of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Service Assistants, Health Service Workers and Health Service Trainees. 

We believe that each patient is a unique individual who has inherent value and is worthy of respect and dignity and that each patient has specific needs that change.  We commit ourselves to out patientís needs in the belief it is through caring that people move from illness to health, utilizing their individual capacity for learning and change.

 We believe that the role of the psychiatric nurse is to facilitate holistic individual care toward the goal of optimal physical and mental wellness in a caring protective, structured environment utilizing the nursing process.

 We strive to provide and support a therapeutic milieu where safety is of first concern.  Activities of daily living are maintained and all patients are encouraged to participate maximally in their own care.  Patientís rights are clearly defined and supported by all of the staff.

 Our care is most effectively provided through interdepartmental and interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.  The primary goal of this cooperation is to provide consistent, quality care in a manner which promotes dignity, privacy and advocacy for all of our patients and their families.

 We seek to provide a learning environment for all staff and students that will benefit the patient, the hospital and the profession.  This learning environment is extended to all of the nursing staff in their continuing development by providing in-service education, encouraging participation in continuing education activities and recommending educational leave or academic benefits for those who qualify.